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Steering Committee Meeting of Xepien-Xenamnoy Hydro Power Project the 5th On 18 September 2015 at Donchanh Palace Hotel Vientiane Capital.
Workshop of Xayyabury Hydro power project on 15th July 2015 at Donchan palace hotel
Steering Committee Meeting of Nammang1 Hydro power project on 8-9th April 2015
Steering committee of Namphay HPP on 16 June 2015
Steering Committee the 5th of Namngiep2 HPP on 16th June 2015 at Landmark Hotel

1.Location: Xaysomboun Province





2.General information:

  • Concession agreement was signed on 28th February 2014between GOL and Nam Phay Power Company LTD.
  • Completed the Final Feasibility Study and EconomicFeasibility-Technicalfinalapproved by Ministry of Energy and Mines, No 759/MEM.DOE, Dated 12/11/2012.
  • Completed the ESIA and Submitted to MONRE, Certificate No. 246/MONRE, dated 30/04/2013.
  • Completed the Tariff MOU, Certificate No. 100/ຟຟລ.ກຜຮ, dated 15/06/2012.
  • Completed and signed electricity prices are 6.2 US cent/kwh.
  • Completed Land Lease Agreement on 2014.
  • Established a company called Nam Phay Power Company LTD.
  • Contractual joint ventureswas signed on 29th March 2013 between EDL 15% and Fame Star Development Limited 85 %.
  • Prime Minister issued Decision the Resettlement Management and livelihoods Committee the Nam Phay Power Project No. 25/PM, dated 17/03/2014.
  • GOL’s Conditions Precedent (CP) Requirement:

-     Standing committee of the National Assembly Resolution and Government office Decree to consider the resolutions adopted by the exclusion of certain performance measures of regulations in accordance with the Concession Agreement.  No 024/ຄປຈ, Dated 31/10/2014.

-     Annex H: Complete the MOJ Legal Opinions, No 1049/MOJ, dated 04//12/2014.

-     Completed the Executed Agreement.

-     Completed Land Lease Agreement.

  • Company’s Conditions Precedent (CP) Requirement:

-     Annex G: incomplete the Environmental and Social Obligations.

-     Completed the Executed Land Lease Agreement.

-     Incomplete the Project Financing Company.

-     Incomplete the Company Legal Opinion.

-     Completed the Government Office Decree.

  • Prime Minister issued Decision the Steering Committee the Nam Phay Power Project no. 38/PM, dated 25/03/2014.
  • 3.Technical information:
  • Catchment Area: 148 km2, Reservoir area: 8.92 km2.
  • Dam type CFRD, Dam height 97 m, Crest level 1145 masl, Crest length 226 m, Normal storage level 1140 masl, Maximum storage level 1143 masl, Minimum storage level 1120.
  • Diversion Tunnel length 445 m, Headrace Tunnel length 6739m, Total length of penstock 1507m.
  • Installed Capacity: 86 MW, Annual Energy Production: 429.5 GWh/year.
  • Planning of 41.98 km transmission line from the Nam Phay switchyard to Thongkhoun substation; Voltage 115 kV, No. of circuit: 2
  • Total Project Cost: 218.21 MU$, Environment: 1.34 MU$, Permanent: 5.53 MU$.
  • Debt: 70%, Equity 30%, GOL equity: 15%, Sponsor’s equity 85%.
  • Power tariff: 6.2 C/kWh.
  • (COD): 01/05/2017.
  • 4.Resettlement issue:
  • Nam Phay project development was affected people in 3 villages such as Nong pou, Meuang Poun and Homxay villages. The amount of affected people are 1107, 236 households, land build 20 hectares, land for livelihood approximately 446 hectares, livestock grazing about 1089 hectares. According to the resettlement plan, the compensation and evacuation will be started by middle 2015 and completed by the end of 2015.
  • 5.Others:



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