Ministry of Energy and Mines

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Steering Committee Meeting of Xepien-Xenamnoy Hydro Power Project the 5th On 18 September 2015 at Donchanh Palace Hotel Vientiane Capital.
Workshop of Xayyabury Hydro power project on 15th July 2015 at Donchan palace hotel
Steering Committee Meeting of Nammang1 Hydro power project on 8-9th April 2015
Steering committee of Namphay HPP on 16 June 2015
Steering Committee the 5th of Namngiep2 HPP on 16th June 2015 at Landmark Hotel


On behalf of the Committee Responsible for the Third Amendment of the Law on Electricity, we would like to request your comments and suggestions concerning the draft of Law on Electricity in order to improve the quality of this Law especially, in regard to its Content: What aspects should the law change, add or omit and why? 


ໃນນາມຄະນະຮັບຜິດຊອບປັບປຸງກົດໝາຍວ່າດ້ວຍໄຟຟ້າ ຄັ້ງທີ ພວກເຮົາຍີນດີຮັບເອົາຄວາມຄິດເຫັນ ແລະ ຂໍ້ແນະນຳຈາກທ່ານເພື່ອນຳໄປປັບປຸງຄຸນນະພາບຂອງກົດໝາຍດັ່ງກ່າວໂດຍສະເພາະແມ່ນທາງດ້ານເນື້ອໃນ ທ່ານເຫັນວ່າມີສີ່ງໃດຄວນດັດແກ້ເພີ້ມຫລືຫຼຸດ ແລະ ຍ້ອນຫຍັງ?

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